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The 2020 Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference held! Mrs. Ma Baoxuan, Executive President of the Council for Shenzhen Foreign Trade Enterprises Development Association, attended it upon invitation!

Release time: 2020-12-18

On December 8, the 2020 Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference started simultaneously in Shenzhen and eight overseas branches. As an annual event for global entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities and invest in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference attended all Shenzhen government leaders including Mr. Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, and Mr. Chen Rugui, Mayor of Shenzhen, as well as officials from all districts in Shenzhen.


There were about 300 companies and institutions which participated in the conference, covering the fields of new generation information technology, high-end manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine, finance, business circulation, digital economy and so on. Among them, there were 65 top 500 companies worldwide, such as Qualcomm of the United States, Sanofi of France, Royal Philips of the Netherlands, 21 China's top 500 companies, 84 listed companies, and 141 industry-leading companies.

This year, the Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference negotiated and signed more than 240 projects, and its total investment was expected to exceed 780 billion yuan. Despite the highly undesirable impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the global economy, the conference reached a new milestone for Shenzhen's economic development by surpassing the achievement of over 560-billion-yuan investment last year.


At this conference, Secretary Wang Weizhong once again portrayed himself as " Commissioner for Investment Promotion of Shenzhen ". With gratitude and sincerity he disclaimed Shenzhen’s invitation to outstanding enterprises and business elites from all over the world, calling on various market entities from all countries to participate more in the reforming and development of Shenzhen, the First Special Economic Zone of China, and to create a win-win situation via joint effort and mutual support.


Secretary Wang Weizhong said that the theme of this conference was "Embrace all for an all-win result & Set off once more to demostrate another example of excellence". It aimed to clearly express that Shenzhen was taking a more open-minded attitude to work hand-in-hand with everyone on a new journey and “painted a new picture of winning” together.

Many participants were deeply impressed by Secretary Wang Weizhong's speech and the significance of the conference. Mrs. Ma Baoxuan, Executive President of Shenzhen Foreign Trade Enterprises Development Association (FTEDA), was also invited to attend this event on behalf of the association and the companies of its members. Mrs. Ma expressed that she would seize the support and opportunities given by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. She emphasized that under the help of the government, FTEDA would grow bigger, stronger and more diversified, adding a consistent power to the economic engine of Shenzhen and even the whole China!

During the participation period, Mrs. Ma had in-depth exchanges with government officials and business elites on topics such as business investment and industry trends. Mrs. Ma expressed her gratitude for the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government for FTEDA. Besides, she highly praised the diversified investment promotion policies and pragmatic serving spirit of the Shenzhen district governments.


Taking this opportunity, Mrs. Ma has established a desirable relationship based on mutual trust with many government leaders and well-known entrepreneurs on behalf of FTEDA, hence creating a more efficient platform for FTEDA's members to utilize government resources. In this way it will boost the prosperity of FTEDA and lay a more solid foundation for its integration of resources in the future.

Ma Baoxuan (Executive Chairman of FTEDA) and Wang Weizhong (Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee).

Ma Baoxuan (Executive Chairman of FTEDA) with Chen Rugui (Mayor of Shenzhen), Liu Xinqun (President of BANK OF CHINA (Shenzhen Branch)) 

and others.

Ma Baoxuan (Executive Chairman of FTEDA) and Wang Youming (Director General of Bureau of Commerce of Shenzhen Municipal)

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